Frequently asked real esate questions about selling, buying or renting in Everton Park, Stafford, Stafford Heights, McDowall


Property sales really move into high gear in spring. We believe sellers get the best return by beating the rush and listing their properties in September just before spring arrives.

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This depends on your circumstances. Four bedrooms are obviously better than three but not when it means reducing the size of other rooms or bedrooms. Our advice is to discuss your renovation ideas with someone who understands what buyers want beforehand.

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There’s nothing in a sales contract stipulating how clean the home should be after the sale. We recommend sellers leave their homes as if they were planning to move into it themselves as a courtesy to the new owners.

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Families generally do need a bath tub for children and many people still enjoy a soak in the bath. We believe it is okay to remove your tub if you're planning to be in the same home for a long time but it could be a mistake if you’re planning to sell and renovating purely to add value to the property.

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You’re not required to have a sign, but we do recommend it. We’ve found that signs become your silent salesman, letting everyone know that your property is on the market. Neighbours and people driving past will see the sign and either contact the agent directly or tell friends who might be interested in the property.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. This is especially true of homeowners who might be blind to the faults in their homes. We recommend sellers get their properties inspected by someone with an objective eye to identify faults early on. This can avoid the possibility of discovering faults during buyer inspections, giving them cause to pull out of the sale or renegotiate the price. Our top tip is: a well-prepared property achieves a higher price.

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As the settlement date approaches everyone tends to be in a euphoric state of mind but buyers should still take a little bit of care. We recommend buyers contact their agent and visit the new property on the day before settlement to make sure it’s in the same condition as when they saw it last. This will give them time to contact their solicitors if anything has changed.

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It’s very likely that homes built during the post-war period will contain asbestos because it was common practice in those days. Our top tip is to make sure you allow for an asbestos management program when estimating the cost of renovating a post-war house.

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Buyers often want to know if a structure on a property, such as a car port, is council-approved. The added structure could be decades old and the current owner (and sometimes even the council) may have no record of approval. Buyers can opt to go ahead with the sale without knowing if a structure is approved or not. However, we recommend having a discussion with your solicitor. One option is to insert a clause into the sale agreement making the sale dependent on getting council approval for the structure.

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Buying property is a potential minefield but prospective buyers can make the process much easier by keeping the Three Powerful Ps firmly in mind. They are:

  • Preparation – this includes thoroughly researching the market they are proposing to buy in to get an idea of price and property availability.
  • Pre-approval – finance should always be pre-approved so buyers are able to take advantage of opportunities. It also gives them an edge in negotiations and makes their offers more attractive to the seller because they’re ready to proceed.
  • Price – potential buyers can avoid being gazumped and facing the failure of their planned move by making a fair market-related offer in the first place and not playing games with the seller by starting out with an unrealistically low offer.

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The three most common reasons people want to change property managers are: lack of feedback on property inspections, the property manager’s failure to return calls and the confusion of having to deal with numerous staff. Changing property managers is an easy three-stage process involving appointing a new manager, giving the existing manager written notice of the change and leaving the rest to us here at Madeleine Hicks.

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We recommend being a proactive landlord and visiting your property at least once a year. Remember that your rental property is a major investment and you should make time to accompany your agent to see for yourself that your property is being carefully and professionally managed.

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There’s no doubt bad landlords do exist. Here are three simple steps you can take to avoid becoming one of them. They are:

  • It may be your property but while it’s rented, it is the tenant’s home, and you must respect their privacy. Entering the property without proper written notice contravenes your lease agreement.
  • Look after your tenants, keep the rent at a fair market rate and don't make large rent increases.
  • Maintain the property to a high standard. Good tenants deserve a well-maintained property and your property won’t deteriorate but will instead grow in value.

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Exit inspections are mandatory within three days of tenants leaving a rental property. The purpose is to determine the condition of the property and decide whether deductions for damage are necessary before the tenant’s bond is repaid. Madeleine Hicks Real Estate provides owners with a copy of the inspection report, including photographs, after the inspection is complete.

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