Patrick Hicks

Role: MHRE owner/director.

Family: Married with three children.

Experience: Self-employed as a restaurateur; qualified chef, worked with Madeleine Hicks since 2006; four years in rental property management.

Residence: McDowall for the past 40 years and Bribie Island at weekends.

Passions: Patrick is passionate about helping to grow the agency’s property management portfolio, about his family and travel. He is a qualified chef and loves cooking for the family.

Community participation:  Bunya Lions Club Partner.

Super Power: Patrick is an amazing chef and is the King of gourmet platters!


As Director and Property Manager, Patrick brings a breadth of experience to the sector and is genuinely interested in helping people achieve their real estate goals. His personable, organised and systematic approach brings clarity to all of his dealings.

Patrick and Madeleine have worked together in a successful and complementary partnership for much of their married life. Having owned and run an iconic 200 seat Brisbane restaurant for more than 20 years together – and remained happily married – is a testament to both their open, friendly and tenacious characters!



Mobile: 0434 293 617

Office: 07 3355 6845