Allanah Wright
Senior Property Manager

Role: Property Manager and Head of Madeleine Hicks Real Estate Property Management department

Family: Three children, all grew up in Everton Park and all went local schools.

Experience: Self-employed for more than 12 years as a book keeper;  joined the Madeleine Hicks Real Estate team in 2013.

Residence: Has lived locally for more than 25 years and her children have gone through local schools.

Passions: When not working or helping out in the community, Allanah likes to keep fit..

Community participation: She has been associated with Rotary for more than 20 years and enjoys nothing more than helping where needed; she’s also a JP. 

Super Power: Allanah is a human Wikipedia when it comes to reciting Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act. There isn't a question about Landlord or Tenant rights and responsibilities that Allanah wouldn't be able to answer! Go on, call her and try her out!                                                                                 

Allanah is a vital part of Madeleine Hicks Real Estate’s property management department and, having been a business owner for many years, she knows a thing or two about running a business and getting the job done right. She understands that people are the most important part of any business and she will always work to get the best results for you and your property.




Mobile: 0488 019 502

Office: 07 3355 6845