Creating Your Workout Zone Simple and Easy Fitness Additions You Can Make To Your Home

Creating Your Workout Zone: Simple and Easy Fitness Additions You Can Make To Your Home


Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a casual exerciser, it’s always a healthy habit to have a space where you can retreat to, or use to enter your fitness zone. Unfortunately not all of us have the opportunity to build a gym in our home, but we can always create a work out zone. Motivation is key to reaching or maintaining fitness goals, so a personalized and aesthetically pleasing space that does not take up too much space can be very important. Below you will find a few recommended elements and additions to give your home a workout space that is easy on your budget and full of flair and efficiency.

Mirrors – Super helpful for checking for proper form when lifting weights or doing yoga, as well as boost light in a space with few windows. But installing a gym-size wall of mirrors is an expensive task and may not suit the living room space you have. Leaning a row of full-length mirrors against the wall is a budget friendly option that will also give you the option to remove the mirrors when not using the space.

Floor Space – Selecting a surface to use for your workout zone is also very important. It’s no problem if you don’t have a whole lot of space to dedicate to your fitness, but if it is uncomfortable or slippery you may find yourself lacking motivation or becoming injured. Carpet tiles or thin carpet is recommended, but not essential, and if you are on a hard floor buy a rug or a yoga mat.


Storage – A messy workout zone can affect your motivation, and if part of a larger room, can be an eyesore affecting all individuals who use the space. Include some shelving and smart storage options in your space. A backless bookcase, in a larger room, can act as both a storage option and space divider. In a smaller space, a kitchen or bar trolley can be less invasive than a large shelving unit and is still large enough to hold weights and essential gear.

Television – Whether you watch instructional videos or enjoy watching a show during cardio, having a television can be an important part of your space. If you can’t fit a full television in this space, a stand for your tablet can get the job done. Low Table – Make it easier to reach for a hydrating bottle of water or change music by including a low lying table in your workout space. If you meditate or do yoga, you can also place incense, inspiring pictures or chimes here.

So whether you are looking for a property that allows you to create a workout zone, or want to make some adjustments to your current set up, there are always simple and easy solutions, no matter how big the space is, to reach your fitness goals.

Please be aware that the Madeleine Hicks Real Estate Team are not fitness experts and all suggestions are opinion. We do believe in leading a healthy lifestyle and can assist in finding you the home that best suits your lifestyle requirements.

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