It’s all connected

It’s all connected

Seems we have friends in far-off places interested in all things ‘real estate Everton Park’: we’re waving to you USA, Netherlands and China. Analytics technology helps us to understand who visits to our website, (no meta-data melt-downs please) but simply how many people and from which countries.

Last month, as expected, the majority of people who visited our website were from Australia: all 28,000 of you. But our friends in the USA paid a visit to our website 6,800 times, the Netherlands 2,000 times and China 1,956 times. Interesting, huh?

Why are we telling you this?

Well, we’re not completely sure what to make of this international interest, but we’ve got a theory and it goes like this:

It’s all connected

A DELOITTE Access Economics report says international visitors rose by 8.2 per cent in the 12 months to May, the fastest rate of growth in nearly a decade.

And people idling in idyllic environments like to tyre-kick real estate, and often in their blissed-out-I’m-on-holiday’ mood decide to grab themselves a piece of what they’re loving.

Although tourists from Asia continue to be the biggest visitors to our shores, a significant increase in tourists from the United Kingdom and the United States has contributed to our strong growth in international visitors.

And it’s the economic recovery in the UK and the US that has helped drive this surge in overseas travellers to our beautiful shores.

So, with international tourism in a recovery phase, comes interest in our real estate and rising foreign investment. It’s all connected.

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