Lies Agents Will Tell Sellers

‘Experts in the art of persuasion’ is a label given to only a handful of very skilled professionals, none other than the infamous real estate agent. Many agents suffer from the typecast of having a bad reputation for fibbing in order to seal a deal, and many sellers are persuaded into such a deal without getting what they desired. So what are the biggest lies handed out by the dozen from these Pinocchio on unsuspecting sellers?

“I can guarantee your home to sell for X%/$X more than Y”

Real estate agents hungry to sell a property may give vendors a false sense of security, assuring their client that their home will sell higher than predicted. This is costly, as it may mean that your property will be sitting on the market untouched much longer than you’d bargained for. Agents that can offer a comparative market analysis, including selling results of similar homes in the area, are deemed much more trustworthy when they can back their claims with industry knowledge and purchase history.


“My fees are non-negotiable”
Many stealthy agents will insist that their commission is non-negotiable, however anything in property is negotiable! Conversely, some agents may tell a prospective seller that their commission is the most competitively priced out of all agents’ services in the area. Be sure to do your research and be prepared to stand your ground before you enlist the help of any selling agent.

Lies Agents Will Tell Sellers

“All agents are new at some point”
While not exactly a lie, some agents will milk this understatement to ensure that as an inexperienced agent, they will still get your business. What is completely unprofessional and immoral is for real estate agents to lie about their track record of sales when in actual fact they are not yet a seasoned agent – all exposed with a simple search in the property agent’s website.


“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity”

Be wary of any real estate agent that pitches to you to sell because an offer is a once in a lifetime opportunity. A seller’s agent may point out that in the current climate you should accept such a bid, and while in some cases this may be true, every weekend is a once in a lifetime opportunity for an agent to ensure they seal the deal and get their commission.


“I’m an expert in the X area/X property type”
Some agents will pursue your business by claiming to be your neighbourhood specialist, or to specialise in units, apartments, a particular type of dwelling, and many other niches, to ensure they come across as the agent with an edge. They will pledge their advantages to secure your listing whatever your specific selling area may be, but ensure that these claims are true by checking their track record with your research online, and comparing to other estate agents.


When it comes to choosing the right fit for your property, stick with your gut feeling. If you perceive that an agent’s pitch is coming off as fictitious or stretching the truth, let your emotions steer you into a more reliable source.


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