Remember These

A selection of historic images from around our area.

Remember these 1

Everton Park 1930

Remember these 2

Everton House Situated In Everton Park Brisbane

Remember these 3

View of Alderley Railway Station in the foreground 1925

Remember these 4

View of Mitchelton 1923

Remember these 5

Alderley Bank 1975

Remember these 6

Arana Hills in the 1960s

Remember these 7

This intersection was originally known as Barron’s Corner, named after early owners of the land. It was also the intersection which the Kedron Shire Council chose to install its first Kitson light. The only remaining building is the one on the hill at the rear of the scene.

Remember these 8

Mitchelton State High School

Remember these 9

FM454 entering the single track in Richmond St. Gordon Park on the Stafford Line

Remember these 10

McDowall Bridge over Kedron washed away in 1931

Remember these 11

Intersection of Stafford Rd and Gympie Roads

Remember these 12

Grade 1 at Stafford State School 1960

Remember these 13

Now defunct Kedron Bowls Club on Stafford Rd

Remember these 14

Kedron Avenue Mitchelton circa 1964