Sellers, get set, go

Sellers, get set, go

Want some really good news? Local agents say there’s a shortage of properties for sale out there, and plenty of keen buyers. And this means that for those considering selling soon, then sooner may be even better.

In selling your property, have you considered a key force in you getting the listing price, or better? One word: competition. Put another way, if more than one party is interested in your property, then chances are, they may just have to ‘outbid’ each other.

List your property before the Spring rush of properties hit the market – and those waiting for an election to be called – and you may just have more buyer interest. It’s a simple equation. Less properties for sale, equals a greater chance of more interested buyers.

It’s the sellers that typically come out in Spring, but the buyers are always out there.

Popular thought says that many planning to sell their home do so in Spring, when the flowers are blooming, and buyers are brave enough to leave their cave after the long Winter hibernation.

But the reality is actually different. It’s true that many people do wait till Spring to sell their property, but buyers are always ready to pounce for the right property.

With local agents talking about property shortages, this means that if you act now, your leap may just pay off handsomely.

And with the NAB tipping an interest rate cut for August, what better conditions would a seller need to list their property now?

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