The Toy & Book Appeal

The Smith Family’s Toy & Book Appeal is your opportunity to help bring a smile to a disadvantaged child’s face this Christmas.  Sadly, thousands of Australian children will go without a gift this holiday season, simply because their families can’t afford it.

The Smith Family has a long and proud  association with Christmas.  In 1922, five businessmen were surprised to discover a significant level of poverty on their doorstep.  They decided to take gifts to a  local orphanage on Christmas Eve and were heartened by the joy it bought to the children there.  When the matron asked who they could thank, the first man replied “Smith”.  She then asked “What about the others?” and they replied Smith.  We’re all Smiths.  We’re the Smith Family, and the rest is history.

Throughout the year, with the support of generous supporters like you.  The Smith Family is able to improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged children, but every Christmas we revisit our heritage and provide toys and books to children who might otherwise miss out on a gift on Christmas morning.

How it Works

Donations of toys and books are made by our wonderful supporters all around the county. In addition, we purchase toys and books using funds donated to the Toy & Book Appeal.  Volunteers then sort, pack and deliver the gifts to disadvantaged families all over Australia, ready for Christmas morning.

It’s Only Christmas when we share

So now we would ask that if you are able, please purchase a toy or a book and deliver it to our office at 2/6 Trouts Rd Everton Park.  Before December 4 2019.

Please do not wrap gifts, so that they can be distributed to the most appropriate children.