Success is about showing up

Simply getting started and giving something a go is so much more likely to yield results than if you did nothing at all. And so it goes for financial independence…

Really, you have two choices. One – accept that you are not built for the world of investing and be content with paying the bills and maybe preparing a budget. Or, two – acknowledge that your financial life is up to you (and no one else), then get smart, get prepared and take action.

Success is about showing up

Are you doing what you need to do, right now, today to ensure your personal financial success?

We’re not talking about saving here; we’re talking about investing and there’s a difference between saving and investing and it’s important to understand the difference and do both. More about that here.

Many of us manage to save a little money but never quite get to the investing bit. The sad fact is many people put it off because they think it’s too hard.

So here’s a plan to tackle the ‘too hard’ barrier to investing and get you started. Educate yourself.

The exact starting point will be different for everyone when it comes to learning the jargon, but pick an investment type that interests you, for example, stocks or real estate and get going.

Your next steps are to: read books; listen to podcasts; invest in educational seminars, workshops and conferences; read financial newspapers and magazines; talk with your local real estate agents and stock brokers; and talk with other investors. Get the picture?

A word about financial planners. It’s true, there are a lot of good ones out there, but the reality is there are also a lot of not-so-good ones too. Ultimately your money and financial freedom is up to you. Perhaps investing in your own financial education is a better investment than trusting a stranger with your money.

Remembering to make the priorities in your life a priority can often get clouded by the daily grind. Yet if financial independence is a priority for you, then you cannot expect someone else to be the driver of your financial bus to get you there.

Decide on your next step today and do one thing every day that gets you a little closer to financial independence. You’ve probably got more to lose by doing nothing…

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