Marking and protecting your property against Theft.

Marking and protecting your property against Theft.

Hi, we are all concerned about safety and security where we live, and we hope over the coming months to provide you with helpful information on staying safe and making sure your property and belongings are protected against theft.

Property theft is unfortunately on the rise , and we hope the following article from GC Law which contains some very simple tips will help to keep your valuables safe.

Property identification

• Makes ownership clear
• Deters theft as marked property is more difficult for the thief to offload.
• Marked property helps police to identify and return it to the rightful owner.

Property that is most at risk of being stolen is property that is desirable, usually small, has a good re-sale value and is able to be off loaded and sold quickly.  Typically, this includes computers, cameras, multi-media devices, satellite navigation devices, mobile phones, power tools and bicycles.

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