The Liveability Winter Checklist

The Liveability Winter Checklist

Empower Yourself this Winter

Wear your winter woollies

It sounds so obvious but adding a layer or two to your clothing to help keep you warm is sometimes more effective than a heater. It’s especially important to keep your feet warm with soft indoor shoes or slippers. Perhaps consider keeping a small blanket or rug handy for over your knees when the temperature drops late at night.

Isolate the rooms you heat by closing doors

Only heat one or two rooms, those that you are using the most. Use door snakes to insulate the gap between the bottom of doors and the floor.

It’s really so simple but adding pelmets to the  top of your curtains will keep the hot air from escaping and reduce your heating bills

Change your thermostat

You can control your heat and save money simply by changing the set point on your thermostat to a lower temperature during the winter. 18 –  22°C should provide ample comfort during winter.

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How to warm your home

How to warm your home

Oh to live in Darwin at this time of the year! Temperatures in that city this week are expected to average 32 degrees, with overnight lows of 21.

For the rest of us, the pre-winter chill is certainly starting to bite. As we move into the colder months, here are 10 ways to warm up your home. Read more