Team Work - What can I do

Team Work – What can I do?

SELLING TIPS: What you can do to help

Remove any objects such as children’s toys on the front steps, which might cause accidents.  Keep the front entrance and stairway clear.  Try for uncluttered appearance.

 Neat orderly rooms look bigger, especially bedrooms.  Tidy up all rooms for a spacious appearance.

Check and double-check your bathroom.  Bright and clean bathrooms sell many homes.

When you are showing your home three is a crowd.  Avoid having  too many people present for inspections.  The prospect will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house.  If possible go out for a short walk.

If you can’t go out, stay out of the way.  Do not accompany the prospect and the sales person around the house.  The Agent knows the Buyer’s requirements and can better emphasise the features of your house when alone.  They will call you if they need you.

Love me, love my dog does not apply when selling a house.  Pets are best kept out of the way, even taken on a walk when there is an inspection.

Never apologize for the appearance of your home.  After all, it has been lived in.  Let the real estate agent answer any objections that are raised, that is their job.

Switch off the TV during inspections it is very distracting.  Put on some mellow music that will get prospective purchasers relaxed and in the mood for buying.

It is best not to discuss price, terms, possessions or other factors with the buyer.  Refer them to the agent.  Real Estate Agents are better equipped to bring the negotiation to a quick and favourable conclusion.

You and your Real Estate Agent need to work as a team.  If you feel they have overlooked some important selling points, feel free to discuss them once you are alone together.

Sweep all the walkways to create an impression of constant maintenance to your house.

Remove excess mail from your letterbox.

Park extra cars, which do not fit in car parks, away from the property.

Clean windows and window coverings.

Make sure gutter and down pipes are clean and in working order.

Team Work - What can I do

Fresh flowers inside the home can add extra colour and vibrance.  They also appeal to a Buyers sense of smell with their exotic   fragrances.

Having a pot of fresh coffee brewing or a loaf of bread baking will also add a pleasant aroma to your house.

Open curtains and turn on lights so the house feels warm and bright.

If people unaccompanied by your Real Estate Agent ask to see the property, for security reasons, refer them to your real estate   professional for an appointment.

Have an air freshener in the toilet and bathroom to have a fresh, clean smell.

Place a bowl of fruit with a variety of colours in a prominent position in the kitchen.

It is important that a home gets a buyer in the right mood to buy, all the above tips and hints will help to do this.  You can also use the season to your advantage. 

 If it is wintertime make sure that the house is warm. It is very welcoming on a cold day and adds extra character if you have the fire burning.

 If it is summer time ensure that the house is cool by using, fans, air-conditioners or opening all the windows to make the most of any breeze.

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